Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson


Welcome to Liefintaiwan’s blog!


Liefintaiwan is simply a blog about my life in Taiwan. I am teaching English here in Taiwan and have been since 1991. I also am a partner(with my wife and her sisters) in an aboriginal themed pub called Hud La Voos, which means drink alcohol in her native language, and have recently opened a small aboriginal themed restaurant called Hud La Noom, which means drink water as there is no word for coffee in the Bunong language. We opened the restaurant when we had our son

, VajiVaji making faces,

so my wife didn’t have to work so late and we could all be together. We also have some land in Kaohsiung County, San Ming Township, where we have built a small wooden house and hope to move up there permanently asap and open a guest house.


The real catalyst for the blog, however, is my passion for photography.

I have been writing(not my passion, so mediocre at best but hopefully informative) and taking pictures for publications since about 1998ADD LINk. So, on this blog i will post some new photos and also some published articles that may be of use to Taiwan travelers and those wishing to know a little bit about Taiwan culture.



Lief (Rich Matheson) Tainan City, August 19th, 2007


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