Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Ji Gong-The Drunk Monk

Just a quick post before I go to bed. I promised these people I would post their pictures. Went to Nan Kun Shen for Wang Yeh’s Birthday celebrations last Sunday. Sadly, I was too late. The previous two days had been hopping as was the previous weekend. But quiet wasn’t necessarily bad. There was still a steady procession of worshippers and I could stop and talk with them without being worried about missing some action elsewhere. A friendly lady introduced me to Ji Gong. I was quite apprehensive as he was busy healing people, but she had no such qualms and shoved me in front of him. He told me to take lots of photos and he wanted to see them. Unfortunately it was very difficult light so I have nothing stunning. Here they are:

Thanks for the nice opportunity to take photos of you.

Their temple is in Chia Yi and I will post their address, as they asked, when I find it.

Will write something more interesting about Ji Gong, one of my favorite gods, when I have more time. I’m also hoping to follow up on this Ji Gong as he seemed to be a strong healer. Alas, my wife, is now in her last couple of weeks of pregnancy and I am having to pick up all the slack around the shop.

P.S. My wife’s name is Alas, so that comma is actually in the right place.


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