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On The Beach~William Mellot

William, a Flickr friend of mine will be having a photography show at Hud La Voos on the 28th of June. Details above. Some great photography, well worth checking out. Photographs and info below:

they leave their dead to rot kodak tmax 100 2300
a can in the sand ilford delta 100 2800
a message refused ilford delta 100 3300
a question or a threat ilford delta 100 3000
an investigation kodak tmax 2100
and we all fall down provia 100f 4000
broken moments delta 100 2000
flapping has ceased provia 100f 3000

Not too sure what happened to all the photos below, but just as well, come to the show and see them live. Much more impressive.

home ilford delta 100 2100
introverted provia 100f 3800
once more we remember provia 100f 2600
orifice provia 100f 4000
rearing ilford delta 100 4000
sand ideas ilford delta 100 2800
tasty ilford delta 100 2200
the vertical shell kodak tmax 3800

William is a self proclaimed camera geek who is never to be found without a camera. His photographs are an exploration of color, theme and subject. In ‘On The Beach’ William comes out with a quietly introspective body of work. Of his photographic subjects in this series William says “for most people these things are often just something to step over, garbage. With this series I ‘m interested in examining things that we often ignore and transforming the way we see them. In these photographs everyday washed up objects become both what they are and possibly what they aren’t. Sense of scale and size are often challenged by the macro lens and the way things appear”. William’s photographs pose many questions, of which he says “answers are open to each viewer’s individual interpretation”. Where the photos are quiet and unassuming, the titles speak volumes. He says the titling process comes easily, noting he doesn’t want to lead the viewer, but prefers to give a starting point. Some are funny, some are simple and some are deep, but all are decidedly poignant and relevant.

All shots in the series were shot with the Holga 120N using close-up filters. Since focus with the viewfinder is impossible with the Holga, he has tied a string to the camera marked with the focus distance. All photographs were shot in a single day at Tainan’s Gold Beach. Objects were shot as found. Nothing was moved or planted in the sand for compositional reasons. Three different types of film were used: Fuji Provia 100F Slide Film, Kodak Tri-X Black and White Film and Kodak Tmax Black and White Film. The slide film was cross-processed E6->C41(slide film processed in C41(negative) chemistry).

links: The Real Taiwan INCKU William’s Blog William on Flickr


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  1. Should be a good evening.

    June 20, 2008 at 4:19 am

  2. hope to see you

    June 20, 2008 at 2:24 pm

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