Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival (鹽水蜂炮)

I’ll start with some photos then slowly add some text.


If you don’t know what Yanshui is, this article by Steven Crook explains it well.

Next year’s festival falls on a Sunday, so promises to be big. Festival information can be found on The War Temple’s website or the  “Taiwan Festivals” website. To get a good feel of the festival, check out New York filmmaker Glen Chin’s trailer to his documentary in progress at:

Yenshui beehive fireworks festival in Yen Shui Village, Tainan County, TaiwanA “fire shower” often before the wall comes out. One of the few easy things to photograph.

_rjm_03_yenshuiThe intricately fused wall loaded with bottle rockets looses its payload on the people standing in front of it.

_rjm_04_yenshuiThis small but furious wall set off later in the evening was a joy to photograph because there was an empty field between the salvo and my camera._rjm_05_yenshuiA palanquin bearer dances in a barrage of firecrackers so his clothing is less likely to catch fire and it tends to ease the pain.

_rjm_06_yenshuiA joss is paraded over firecrackers before the wall is set off._rjm_07_yenshuiA participant stands in front of an angry hive of bottle rockets._rjm_08_yenshuiPalanquin bearers brace themselves for the onslaught in the early evening light._rjm_09_yenshuiMore of the same.

_rjm_10_yenshuiA wall spews its load into the crowd._rjm_11_yenshuiA spent wall begins to shoot its load upwards and the smoke begins to clear.1_1A joss on palanquin- set up-joss protected by tin, mesh and plexiglass-palanquin bearers ready for action2firecrackers-rockets-more rockets-and more rockets (I was still wearing day shorts and tee.  This was an early and unexpected wall. Got belted by some stray rockets, probably the trails seen in the picture. Drew blood. Happy it didn’t get me in the eye, or worse, my camera)3The Aftermath. A newspaper said that 150 tons of firework detritus was cleaned up off the streets the following morning.

dayIt’s Eric’s year.day1The town is well worth wandering around.day2A yue chin player-san he yuan-catholic church-banyan growing on old train station buildingday3War God-war god temple-palanquin-streets in daytimeday4

Five fire trucks ready for action-wall, ready for action-teapot, ready for action-inside of wall


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  2. Great shots. Good to see you with some time to blog – hope everything is going well.

    February 23, 2009 at 12:07 am

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