Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Our Mountain House

I am now building my fourth shelter on our land in Namasiya. the first was a tarp strung over trees, the second a bamboo structure that is now back to the earth. I wholly support the Aboriginal maxim that bamboo houses must be lived in or they will be destroyed by the elements. The third structure was built quite well. I used all second-hand wood and built similar to Canadian woodhouse framing standards where possible. It is still standing, but unfortunately it is standing on our neighbors land. When we bought the land we had it measured and it was indeed the three ‘fen‘ we paid for. We didn’t realize we shoud have had a survey done. our neighbor did and our land’s boundaries were not the ancient rock walls and betel nut trees that we were told but had in fact moved considerably. Our small house, bathroom and planned kitchen were completely built on our neighbors land.

Our intentions for this house are to build it very cheaply, as environmentally friendly as possible and be easy to disassemble, much like the last except for the dissassembling part.


My brother-in-laws work on a road crew. They helped us get a cement truck in.  Biung and the driver are in the picture. Much easier and faster than mixing by hand. Would have probably taken me half a year to finish the foundation. They also ‘borrowed’ the nice wire meshes.


Dahu puts the finishing touches on the cement. Vaji inspects the rock wall._rjm2557st

Anoo helped me put the six main posts up.


The view looking east. The valley to the left is the Long Feng Waterfall valley.  I have one neighbor, his house can be seen in the background.


We now have the beams up. It’s still pretty unstable.


Eric and Carl came up to help me mix cement and move rocks.


We got a huge ‘corner stone’ in that wouldn’t have been possible alone.


Got some roof beams up and a loft level floor.


Built up the rock walls a bit, too.


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