Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

The Road to Namasia

Here is some info from Department of Roads dated 8/30, followed by a loose translation:

台21線(甲仙~小林~民生,長約35.7公里)目前由甲仙(237K)可經替代道路方式行駛至小林地區(224K),小林以北道路遭土石淹沒及沖毀,無 法確定道路位置,正評估是否依原路線或另尋替代道路搶通。另有關民生(那瑪夏鄉)聯外道路部分,規劃由民生村附近之青山產業道路~鄉道嘉129-1線(嘉 義、高雄縣政府刻正搶修中,預計9月7日搶通)~嘉129線~台3線轉往嘉義大埔地區。另民權(那瑪夏鄉)聯外道路部分,規劃由鄉道南179-1線~平坑 產業道路~雙連堀~民權為替代道路,目前高雄縣政府已搶通至雙連堀,預計98年9月6日搶通至民權。

About Hwy 21 from Jiashen to Namasia.

They can get to Hsiaolin but north of Hsiaolin is buried too badly to find the road. Discussing whether to continue using this route or find another route.

To Namasia(Ming Shen) the plan is to go in via Chashan(Chingshan farming road, 129-1 to Chashan then 129 to Provincial 3 at Dapu, Tsengwen reservoir). They say they are working hard to open the road by Sept. 7th.

To Namasia’s MingChuan they are opening a road from Tainan’s county road 179 (I mistakenly wrote 178 yesterday)-Guanshan, up to the ridge (an area called Shuang Lian Chu) where, rather than dropping down to Holy Mt Zion,  a new road is being made that will follow an old road to Labinia and then presumably they will drive through the river to Ming Chuan.

I added my own interpretation at the end, but we just got a call and that road is already open, Monday 31st. The site above says they will try to have it open by September 6th.

The villagers were working from their side. The Americans flew in diggers for them.

Lots of other stuff going on. Especially the fate of Ming Tzu. Ming Tsu is now too dangerous to live in and they need to figure out where to live.


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