Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Namasia. Another Update

My wife’s oldest brother was flown around the area by helicopter, so I asked him a few questions.

For those who know or have stayed at Falas, it seems it is still there. The Longfeng waterfall river is wider and the actual waterfall may be even more spectacular.

I wonder if there will still be two falls? If there were only one, or more than three, the legend of the dragon and phoenix will have to be revised.

And finally, our land seems to be ok.  Still want to get in and see for myself, though.

Here are some aerial photographs of Mingtzu and Mingchuan.

Thanks to Barking Deer for sending me the photos.

The Mingtzu picture shows a river on the bottom of the photo, which must be the Lao Ren River, a settlement then another river(I don’t know the name of it, but it is usually quite small) and then Mingtzu.

The Settlement in the middle is a huge engineering complex created for the Tsengwen Reservoir trans-basin diversion pipeline project. If I am reading the map correctly, it looks like the complex on the opposite side (big cement plant and dormitories) has been completely buried.

See Micheal Turton’s detailed post on the project here.

The pipeline goes in at Chinhe, through the Yushan range, then in my neck of the woods, the pipeline comes out at the Mingtzu settlement, was to follow the Chishan/Nantzuhsien river to Hsiaolin and then pop back into the Alishan Mountain range again (without touching the Chishan/Nantzuhsien river water).

They have been blasting under the mountain for years.

These three villages(Chinhe, Mingtzu and Hsiaolin) were possibly the worst damaged by slides after Morakot.

Strange this issue doesn’t get more attention. While rain was the major cause of the disasters, this project was certainly a contributing factor.

I remember signing petitions against this project. I wish I had done more.


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