Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Pictures of Mingtzu, Mingchuan and Mingshen after Typhoon Morakot

I finally made it up to Namasia on Sunday and Monday with Richard from Barking Deer Tours. We were expecting to stay longer but both my sons came down with a fever so I returned to Tainan early. Actually it was depressing up there, it would have been hard to stay around up there much longer. The roads were way worse than I imagined (I wouldn’t have made it up in my 4X4 without help from a jeep club that were driving relief supplies into the village). And the devastation was worse than I expected.

Especially in MingTsu. I had seen aerial photos and photos from a distance, but being there, seeing it first-hand, smelling it first hand and being the only people in the whole village (It is off-limits to everybody but residents who want to look for possessions) was eerie.

But, as depressed as I was, the villagers who are still there (a hundred odd in Ming Chuan and two to three hundred in Ming Shen) somehow continue to be cheerful and optimistic.

Also of note, there is a brand new waterfall near my house. Ba Ba Waterfall (八八瀑布).

I will attach a gallery of 45 photos and in the following days I will post them into a blog with comments. Unless you are very familiar with the area, some of the photos will really need a description to understand.

I will also try to post some before and after photos and finally, I want to post some full size photos on flickr.

BTW, thumbnails look awful. If you click on the picture it should look ok.


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