Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

2010 Kaohsiung Lion Dance Festival

Taoyuan’s Xuansheng(桃園縣玄勝龍獅團) lion dance troupe prepares for competition.

My article on Kaohsiung’s Lion Dance Festival was published here: 2010 Kaohsiung Lion Dance Festival Taiwan Culture Portal – 03 December 2010  © Taiwan Culture Portal

Below I have posted some more pictures from the two day event featuring International Lion dance troupes from; Malaysia, 36 time world champions: Kun Sen Keng Lion Dance Team; Hong Kong; Vietnam; Singapore (withdrew due to injury); as well as eight national troupes. The festival also featured some of Taiwan’s traditional zhentou performance troupes.Wansheng (高雄市萬勝龍獅戰鼓團) lion troupe practices before the international competition. The MC said the kid on top is in grade 1, equal to North American seventh grade, and the lower kid was grade three: Wow!

Shih Chien University’s neo-traditional Song Jiang battle array performance.Here is one of the many teams — in mid-fall — who fell off the 2.5m poles in the preliminary contest.

Below are images from the two days in chronological order from left to right, top to bottom. There is at least one of every participating team and zhentou outlined in this article. The first picture is from a lion head in Tainan; 11 is a ‘low’ lion dance zhentou in Tainan; 12 and 13 (I don’t know why they ended up in the middle of the gallery) are of artisan Chung-Jan Huang and his lion art.

33 and 34: The Zhenzong (振宗藝術團) art troupe’s famous female Bajiajiang(女子八家將) troupe perform. The graceful women complemented the innate softness of Bajiajiang beautifully.


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  1. I enjoy all your awesome photos and excellent article!

    December 5, 2010 at 5:53 pm

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