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The Third Prince, Santaitz 三太子 Zhong Tan Yuan Shuai 中壇元帥

My article on Santaitz:

was recently published.

I blogged about the Techno Santaitz Competition earlier, but have since read quite a bit more about Santaitz, mostly in the “Investiture of the Gods” (封神演義). It’s pretty tough going at times and I pretty much skip over the poetry, but it’s kind of exciting reading something that shaped religious belief in China and Taiwan so profoundly.

One thing I didn’t belabor in the article is the profusion of Nezha’s names. Santaitz nomenclature is long and confusing, much like his legends and history. His most common appellation — Santaitz — can rather confusingly refer to Nezha, The Third Prince or the three princes; Jinzha, Muzha, and Nezha.

Attesting to the popularity of Santaitz (三太子) here are some more of the many names and positions attributed to him:
Lord Taitz (太子爺), Santaitz Yeh (三太子爺), Li Nezha (李哪吒), Nezha Santaitz (哪吒三太子), Third Prince Marshal (太子元帥),Marshal Nezha (哪吒元帥), Golden Ring Marshal (金環元帥), Zhongtan Taitz (中壇太子), Crown Prince Nezha (哪吒太子), Tailuoshian (太羅仙), Jinkang Yuanshuai (金康元帥), Prince Luoche (羅車太子), Lord Luoche (羅車公), Li Luoche(李羅車), Jade Emperor Taitzyeh (玉皇太子爺), Third Lotus Prince (莲花三太子), General of the Central Camp (中營神將), Great General of the Central Camp (中營大將軍), Nacha, Nata, Nataku (Japanese) and pretty much any combination of the above one could care to think of.


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