Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Taiwan: A Monocle Travel Guide, No 01

I recently contributed to Monocle‘s Taiwan Travel Guide which is on shelves now (March 2011). I had the pleasure of working with writer Amber Parcher on her Kaohsiung section, as well taking some photos of Kenting’s YOHO Bike Hotel. Fifteen photos were used for these sections and nine more in other sections.

It’s a great little guide; lots of useful information for visitors and residents of Taiwan.

My wife and kids came with me to Kenting and they played on the beach (in the rain) while I worked. I had some shooting to finish up in Kaohsiung so we arrived at the bike hotel quite late in the evening where I took a few shots with hungry, grumpy kids and wife in tow (how NOT to look a professional) before finding a cheap (but nice) hotel. My wife and I were looking forward to a hamburger from a stand we like on Kenting road, but it was closed so we bought a couple of those not-so-healthy hot dog things that my kids are spilling all over the bed above.

Incidentally, Monocle is a subsidiary of Winkontent that recently designed Taiwan’s new logo. Some more versions of the logo are on the pages of the guide. I like the one with the Bajiajiang, of course. Nice to get rid of old slogan ‘Taiwan Touch Your Heart’ but strange that Taiwan didn’t check if anyone else was currently using their new slogan ‘The Heart of Asia’.Lobby of Grand Hi-Lai Hotel in KaohsiungFormer British Consulate residence. The actual consulate was below, giving the consuls good daily exercise (unless they went by rickshaw?).


2 responses

  1. Nice work. After I saw your name in the magazine credits I was wondering which part you shot. I ended up doing the East Coast and some of the Taipei section.

    March 30, 2011 at 2:04 am

    • Thanks Craig. I ran into Christopher Wise(another of the photographers) and Danielle Demetriou quite by accident in my wife’s bar in Tainan.

      March 30, 2011 at 12:55 pm

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