Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Yushan from Nanzuxian Riverbed

This Yushan photo was recently published in both the Monocle and Michelin Taiwan guides.  I did not realize Michelin was using the photo until I got the book. I got a bit of a scare when I saw it was used in both guides, but legally I am ok as they were not photos taken while on assignment. The Michelin contract was thick and used some pretty hardcore boilerplate language like ‘…exploit the Images in perpetuity throughout the universe…’, and almost as long as Stichting Greenpeace’s eight page behemoth.  However, both companies were two of the easiest that I have worked with and,  had I known Michelin was going to use it, I wouldn’t have submitted it to Monocle.  It isn’t the most spectacular Yushan photo, but it is one that I have strong feelings for; the kind of photo photographers should think twice about publishing. Photographers always say if you have strong feelings for a photo or it was particularly difficult to get,  it may not be your best work. Just like every parent thinks their own children are the most beautiful in the world.

Anyhoo… have you ever seen this angle of Yushan? Eric and I took a momentous hike from a place called Yushan Kou (merely a deserted police station) on Hwy. 18 to Namasia (then called San Ming County) via Vovoyu and then Nantzuxian Rivers. We followed Aboriginal hunting trails where applicable and best guess/downhill strategy the rest of the time. We also had Aboriginal intelligence; Eric’s in-laws are Chou from the Alishan area and my in-laws are Bunun from Namasia. This hike was also a culmination of several recce trips in the area. So not a stunning photo, but one that you will rarely, if ever, see anywhere else!

Here Eric crosses an upper stretch of the Nanzuxian River. Sadly, this lovely area is surely rubble now after Morakot’s deadly rainfall. “Keep that camera up Eric!”

I submitted this photo of a fisherman showing off his catch for Taijiang Wetlands. I quite like this picture, but it wasn’t selected.

Instead, a variation of this photo of Karl boating in the Green Tunnel  was used.


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