Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Tainan Cao Shan Moon World Sunrise 草山月世界日出

Photographers working the sunrise at 4:56am. Caoshan Moonworld , Erliao, Tainan, Taiwan

Took a trip to Erliao lookout point in Tainan’s Caoshan Moonworld with fellow blogger Hanjie. The scenery was stunning but it was the crowds that impressed me the most. We arrived quite late (by Erliao standards), a little after 3:30am. I was the slowest common denominator in leaving Tainan; I guess I didn’t really take the 3:00 departure time seriously and arrived a few minutes late. They were too polite to tell me how long they had been waiting. There is a Moonworld photo competition abrew and that probably contributed to the amount of people and caliber of equipment lining the road. The hill behind the photographer giving a victory sign is the actual Erliao Pagoda which has unencumbered views of the lowland badlands. It was completely full. The hardcore photogs had probably set up camp well before three in the morning. The woman to the right of me is using the dark card technique (黑卡拍攝, which Hanjie suggests was developed in Taiwan). I snuck a peek at her screen and her exposures looked amazing.

Thorny Bamboo is the only vegetation able to survive the high salinity of the soil here. Moonworld Sunrise, Erliao, Tainan, Taiwan

Peak season for photographing the ephemeral morning mists of moon-world is mid-May and the best time is after heavy rains. Hanjie’s site has more info. The mist was sublime, not like a cloud sunrise where the clouds are thick and impenetrable, but swirling opaque fog.

Easily eroded sandstone and shale creates large areas with no vegetation, steep valleys and razor-sharp ridges. Moonworld Sunrise, Erliao, Tainan, Taiwan

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  1. Maybe typical Asian landscape?

    July 9, 2011 at 3:22 pm

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