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The Seven Links Project: Seven Old Blog Posts Revisited

Thanks to Matt Gibson for nominating me for The Seven Links Project. The idea of 7 Links is to drag up old blog  ‘posts that deserve to see the light of day again’ via seven questions. A nice idea, I think.

Here are my seven:

1.- Your most beautiful post

Wildflowers of Yushan

Photos from a 2007 Yushan hike when flowers were in bloom, composed photos into a blog post. Photos are a little small to appreciate, but still worth looking at.

2.– Your most popular post

Aboriginal Food

With 5,292 total views to date this blog is my site’s highest. Lots of people search for Aboriginal food. Strange.

3.– Your most controversial post

Foguang Shan — not sweetness and light?

If I am known for anything, it is certainly not controversy. The closest I have gotten to what could be considered controversy would be when I photographed a travel article written by Amber Parcher for the Washington Post that mentioned a controversial monk here in Taiwan. Gasp!

Actually the controversy was not even mentioned in the article, Micheal Turton brought it to light on his blog that there was no mention of Foguang Shan’s Venerable Hsing Yun being a “pro-China, pro-KMT, anti-Taiwan leader.”

Kind of sad that I have never created any controversy, really. I’d love to know what Micheal’s most controversial post is, though. He writes about politics on this very volatile little island. Hence the nomination below.

4.– Your most helpful post

Guanjiang Shou (Senior Officers) 官將首

It was simply an overflow of photos for a different blog, but as I captioned the photos it became a pretty decent visual guide for recognizing Guan Jiang Shou and differentiating them from Bajiajiang.

The Guanjiang Shou article was a guest post for Carrie Kallenberger’s My Several Worlds.

5.– A post whose success surprised you

Ji Gong道濟禪師, 濟公~The Drunk Monk(a bit more)

Actually the above Aboriginal Food post surprises me the most but since it was used for the most popular post Ji gong is my acting ‘surprise success’ blog. I like Ji Gong, in fact he is one of my favorite Buddhist deities, but realize all this Taiwan folk information is pretty niche stuff. Frankly, that almost 3000 people have been interested enough to click onto this page surprises me. If I were asked for a prediction of how many people would be interested I would guess somewhere around 10-20 people.

6.– A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

Bwa Bwei (擲筊) Divination Blocks, Moon Boards, Moon Blocks, Poe or Bwei (筊, 筶, 盃 或者 杯)

This post was originally published in Matt Gibson’s Xpat Magazine here in Taiwan and I think it is a pretty solid explanation of one of the most common temple phenomenon seen here in Taiwan. I think more people should read this, even if just for the link to a free downloadable Gods Ghosts and Ancestors by David K. Jordan! But then again, maybe people have little interest about why Taiwanese throw wooden blocks in temples.

7.– The post that you are most proud of

Faith in Tainan 台南的信仰

Simply a subject I like and a bunch of photos I like following a subject I like.

The final part of the seven links project is to pass the torch to five more bloggers. This brings to mind those banal ‘chain mails’ or Facebook games that people like to waste time with… So feel free to simply ignore this if you don’t have the time!

My nominations:

1. Michael Turton and his View from Taiwan

With his massive archives of blogs I would love to see his take on this.

2. Craig Ferguson’s CF Images

He’ll have his work cut out finding his best posts amongst so many great posts

3. Micki and Kristen of Wandering Taiwan

Amazingly informative posts about Taiwan

4. Hanjie

Another great photoblogger

5. Neil Wade’s Photography Blog

Yet another amazing photographer in Taiwan’s blog

2 responses

  1. I really enjoyed this post! The seven links idea is so clever, I really enjoyed browsing your old posts. Posts I might never have read if it wasn’t for your nomination.

    July 24, 2011 at 7:12 am

  2. I’m glad you like it, Danielle. I like your writing and art!

    July 24, 2011 at 4:33 pm

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