Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Leaves in a Stream

Leaves in a stream.

Went up to Namasia last week and had some time to play around in the river above our house for a bit. Tried a bunch of HDR with a small waterfall in the river; was trying to pull out shadow detail in a little cave and highlight detail of river above… in the noon day sun. Didn’t work. Possible, but a lot of work for pictures that were a bit of a let-down so I won’t show them.

Semi-permanent bridge on Hwy 21 between Hsiaolin and Namasia.

I took this photo on the trip up. One of the semi-permanent bridges. The road withstood the last typhoon quite well. Rough guess; at least three quarters of the road left and more than half the bridges. I meant to count the bridges on the way down but forgot. I suspect the road will fare a lot worse this typhoon — there is a lot of rain predicted. The village has been evacuated in preparation. A few of my wife’s family stayed, but no word from them yet.


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