Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson


I’ve been working on photos of factories for the past few weeks. It is quite different from my usual editorial work. Here is a photo that is unusable because it is the wrong type of factory!

Chimei Petrochemical Factory

Throughout most of this project I have been taken on factory tours and told exactly what needs to be photographed. Some factories are dirty, dark and damning; some are bright and clean — but all are beautiful in their own way. This was one of the more difficult aspects of the project; my client doesn’t really want to showcase the beautiful grime of the factories so I have had to control my photographic urges. That, and so little time at each of the factories. I have been concentrating on processes and now a banner photo (long, bit of scenic, bit of factory and pretty) is needed and I have been scouting for some good locations. Found two great places; one is here in Tainan and the other is in Kaohsiung. I thought they would fit the bill perfectly… but it turns out they are the wrong kind of factory. Here is the banner format:This is just a quick develop for review. The actual photo is composed of 50 photos. Ten portrait (vertical) photos with each being a 5 photo HDR. I did the stitch to give a more normal view for a panorama — I ended with my back to the sun(about 180 degrees). The two yellow lines bounding the fallow field in the middle are at 45degree angle to each other, yet it doesn’t look all warped. I shot HDR so I had the option of pulling out detail wherever it was needed as I was expecting the exposure range to be too great for the sensor. Actually the sun was covered by cloud at the time of exposure and the exposure range was fairly decent.

Often the most difficult part of a shoot is finding the right location and I was pretty happy with this one, I just needed to wait for nice weather and I’d have my photo. Sadly, I don’t need to wait.


2 responses

  1. I like it – great colors, love the reflection in the first shot, and good use of HDR.

    September 17, 2011 at 1:36 pm

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