Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Fang Tsung Yin 方宗寅 — Zhen Zhong Troupe’s Chief

Fang Tsung Yin 方宗寅, Zhen Zhong Troupe Leader in Neimen

Troupe chief, Fang Tsung Yin (方宗寅), founded Zhen Zong Art Troupe in 1995. His father was a member of the Hengshan Song Jiang Zhen Troupe (橫山宋江陣) and he naturally followed suit. It was the martial arts aspects of the training that Fang had a talent for and he became a very accomplished martial arts master who was invited to study at the famous Shaolin monastery and martial arts school in China. More information about Zhen Zhong Art Troupe (振宗藝術團) can be found here and here and I hope to write more about them someday.


2 responses

  1. Woonee Chiu

    Hi,I’m a fans of Zhen zong art troupe.
    I think now is good time for visit them.
    Because they have grown up and be a bigger famous teams in Taiwan.
    You can try to review their facebook,you might find some difference look about them.

    Hope I can get your comment email,i crazy about your blog:)

    Good luck!

    May 13, 2015 at 2:29 pm

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