Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Yanshui — In the Beehive.

A barrage of firecrackers and bottle rockets blast participants at the annual Yanshui beehive fireworks festival in Yen Shui Village, Tainan, Taiwan

It’s about the time of year when people are looking for photos of Tainan’s Annual Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival. It is one of my favorite festivals and I’ve been quite a few times over the years. I’ve also built up a reasonable set of photos covering daytime attractions in Yanshui Village, safety measures, beehive ‘walls’ being built, being lit, closeups and full views of rockets firing into the crowds, rituals associated with the event and the evolving clothing worn by revelers over the years. I think my strongest set is close-up photos of the action. Not easy to take because there is considerable wear and tear on both equipment, clothing and body and clear moments where the participants can be seen through the thick smoke and fire are rare indeed. The following morning I always have large purple welts all over my body and holes burnt through my layers of protective clothing to match.

Why do I do it? I’m kind of addicted, I think. A Yanshui junkie.


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