Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson

Taiwan for Culture Vultures Kindle Guide

Get the Taiwan Travel guide from Gecko authored by the prolific and highly respected Taiwan writer, Steven Crook, here:

Taiwan for Culture Vultures Kindle Guide

The cover photo of Zhenzong Art Troupe’s Santaitz and many of the interior photos were taken by me. See more of my covers here.

Taiwan for Culture Vultures  Kindle Edition

Cover Photograph by Photographer Rich Matheson

The Amazon Product Description

Taiwan for Culture Vultures
== Taiwan’s Historical, Religious, Artistic And Architectural Highlights ==

– Why Get This Guide? –

* In-depth descriptions of each sight that include fresh details not mentioned in other English-language write-ups
* Coverage of several new attractions not covered by print guidebooks
* Clear instructions how to reach each sight by car or public transportation
* Chinese script for every sight mentioned in the guide
* Convenient links take you to background information

– Inside This Guide –

* 95 sights including: Taiwan’s best museums; its most ancient and ornate temples; its newest attractions; its quaintest villages; and its most striking landmarks.
* Over 150 photos, including 84 images contributed by Taiwan-based professional photographers Rich Matheson and Craig Ferguson.
* Comprehensive articles on practical subjects such as getting to and getting around Taiwan.
* Background articles on Taiwan’s history, religions, and culture
* A glossary of historical and local terms

– Stylish and Feature-Packed –

* Detailed information on opening hours, prices, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses
* Honest reviews and independent advice
* Inspiring gallery with stunning photos
* Stylish and easy to use

– About the Author –

Steven Crook has visited more than 40 countries, and continues to find Taiwan endlessly fascinating after 20 years living and working on the island. Since 1996, he has had scores of travel and culture features published in Christian Science Monitor, CNN Traveller Asia-Pacific and other newspapers and magazines.


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