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Podcast Interview with Reality Abroad

I was recently interviewed by Alan for Reality Abroad, a travel website aimed at helping travelers see a country from an insiders viewpoint. He asks questions about Taiwan and photography. The podcast can be listened to or downloaded at Images of Taiwan-Reality Abroad.

Moonworld landscape, Erliao, Tainan, Taiwan

Moonworld landscape reflected in blue pond, Erliao, Tainan, Taiwan


Family Trip to Canada

My family and I recently returned to Taiwan (more…)

Tea Field, Alishan

Tea Field, Chinese New Year trip, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan
Tea Field, Chinese New Year trip, Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan

Tea field at high noon

Every Chinese New Year my wife and her family take a trip up to Alishan to visit her mother’s side of the family. Alas’ father was a Bunong from Taoyuan, Kaohsiung and, after his first wife died without bearing any children, he trekked up to Alishan to find a new wife. Near what is now Le Ye ( 樂野), he found a 14 year old Chou tribeswoman who he brought back to Namasia, married and had 11 children with. Now there are few remaining relatives from her generation but we still visit her younger brother’s partner who lives near these tea fields. I try to photograph the tea most years but it is usually high noon when we are there and the tea leaves specular highlights are uncontrollable. I don’t mind specular highlights blowing out, but when a whole field blows out it becomes objectionable. I did an HDR shot this year which controlled the highlights to a useable level. (more…)

Vaji’s Kindergarten Party

My son had his kindergarten’s parent/kid party today.Bobbing for cookies. Lots of hands were used but this boy steadfastly (more…)

Family Vacation in Palawan, Philippines — 4

family vacation snaps from Palawan in the Philippines. A rare picture with me in it. If the kids were in the water, they were happy! (more…)

Family Vacation in Palawan, Philippines

Went to Palawan in the Philippines with family but have been too busy catching up with assignments to post any vacation snaps. Until now. Here are a few.I haven’t explored the Philippines for about 18 years, but the most memorable(and photogenic) things for me, then and now, were the boats. (more…)

Lighting Workshop at Spotlight Studios

I attended an awesome lighting workshop at Spotlight Studio in Taichung a while back and have been trying to find some time to write about it and post some of the pics. The workshop was run by Henry Westheim, an accomplished professional photographer in Taiwan, a great speaker and a man who has a wealth of knowledge about everything to do with photography. More importantly, he is one of those people who is willing to share everything he knows, replete with his colorful New York interjections to make it more interesting. (more…)

Lanterns and Asian Geographic Passport

Below are some lantern photos, the red one was recently used full page (flip to page 21, unfortunately you can’t flip to actual article) to illustrate Steven Crook’s article in Asian Geographic Passport magazine.


International Guild for Visual Peacemakers

A new community with sensibilities that resonate with my own. Check it out. Here is my page

Jinawuli (more…)

Generals Fan and Hsieh 謝將軍和范將軍 or Chi Yeh and Ba Yeh七爺和八爺

A work in progress……….any suggestions, corrections or questions, please leave a comment.

Chi Yeh and Ba Yeh are possibly the most easily identifiable gods in Taiwanese folk parades (more…)