Photographs and Information about Taiwan's Culture, Nature and People by Rich Matheson


Photography in Taiwan

After living in Taiwan for many years, I truly believe that it is one of the most —  read more…


Identifying Jiajiang 家將: General Xie 謝將軍

Bajiajiang 八家將 and Shijiajiang’s 什家將 General Xie 謝將軍(xie jiang jun)

General Xie

Jiajiang 家將 are religious temple parade performance troupe members that may be likened to police officers; they search out demon criminals, arrest, interrogate and punish them. They protect certain — usually underworld — gods like Kitsbargha 地藏王, City God 城隍, King of the Broad Marshes 廣澤尊王, etc. when they go on tour. This series will give some key elements in recognizing the different Jiajiang. Read more…

Glass Art 玻璃藝術

Glass Art 玻璃藝術

Dancer Billy Chang and Glass Art 玻璃藝術, Glass Festival, Taipei City, Taiwan

This series of modern dancer, traditional erhu 二胡 musician and large installation glass art pieces was shot for read more about the glass art shoot…



Bees collect pollen from water lily

On a recent Eco-tour read and see more bee pics here..

Cingshui Cliffs Beach 清水斷崖

Cingshui Cliffs and Pacific ocean along the Su Ao - Hualien Highway, Taiwan

Cingshui Cliffs and Pacific ocean along the Su Ao – Hualien Highway, Taiwan

There were two typhoons out in the Pacific read more about Cingshui Cliffs 清水斷崖 wave…

Fireworks — Kaohsiung’s Wannian Folklore Festival


Fireworks show at Wannian Folklore Festival, Zuoying, Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Originating from local religious temples’ celebrations, Kaohsiung’s Wannian Folklore Festival is…

Family Trip to Canada

My family and I recently returned to Taiwan Read the rest of this page »

Taiwanese Aboriginal Tribes

Taiwan Aboriginal

Seediq Aboriginal tribe costume, Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture Park, Sandimen, Pingtung County, Taiwan

The following photographs of all fourteen Taiwan Aboriginal tribes were taken at the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture Park in Read the rest of this page »