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A Rukai Aboriginal Wedding

ImagePhotos from a recent article about Rukai Weddings.


Taiwan Aboriginal Projects 臺灣原住民14族


Click for photographs of Aboriginal festivals, everyday Aboriginal village life, Aboriginal art and artists.

Taiwanese Aboriginal Tribes

Taiwan Aboriginal
Taiwan Aboriginal

Seediq Aboriginal tribe costume, Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture Park, Sandimen, Pingtung County, Taiwan

The following photographs of all fourteen Taiwan Aboriginal tribes were taken at the Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Culture Park in (more…)

Liuchongsi Pingpu Night Sacrifice

The Liuchongsi Pingpu Night Sacrifice was an excellent festival that I felt privileged to attend. There were few outsiders present (although everybody is welcome) and the festival had a small homey feel to it. The full article explaining the proceedings is HERE.

A wangyi performs a libation on the sacrificial pig during the Liuchongsi Night Sacrifice in Tainan.

Xiaolin Pingpu Night Sacrifice

In an earlier post I said that I would write more about the Xiaolin Pingpu Night Sacrifice. Here it is, click this link.
Taiwan Culture Portal – 02 November 2011

Half my life in Taiwan!

My lovely Bunun Wife, Alas, on our land in Namasia

I came to Taiwan via Australia, Indonesia (overland from East Timor to Jakarta by cargo ship, Pelni, little boats, Bemos and hitch-hiking), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and then Taipei for a week, before settling in Tainan. I spent my 20th birthday riding out to some little village in the county with BJ, then got hopped up on betel nut and beer at night. Today I spent a quiet 40th birthday in Tainan. I wouldn’t have guessed I would still be here with two lovely children and a beautiful wife twenty years later, but I am glad I am!

Tainan Plains Aborigine Night Ceremony

Yes, this could easily be misunderstood. An explanation of this venerable Plains Aboriginal Ceremony held in Tainan is forthcoming.

Xiang Zhu (向竹) Magic Bamboo Totem

Wulipu, Jiaxian District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Xiang Zhu 向竹 or “Magic Bamboo” — a Plains Aborigine totem. At the Siaolin Plains Aborigine Night Ceremony I was told the seven rungs of straw attached to the bamboo represent the steps to heaven. I had  previously heard they represent the seven sisters worshiped as Taizu 太祖, a Plains Aboriginal Goddess.

Taiwan Folktales

Folktales Cover

My photo was used on the cover of this kindle book. It was taken at a Bunun Malatangia Festival at the Maya Elementary School (now buried) in Namasia. I helped edit the book before publication and had a great time reading the wonderful folktales that Fred Lobb has been translating over the past thirty years. An enjoyable read and definitely worth the $6.99 price tag.

Wutai Photo Assignment

Photography assignments are generally a lot of fun; they can impart a bit of direction and purpose to (more…)