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Guangjiang Shou on cover of Topics

Taiwan Culture
Taiwan Culture


Photograph of Guanjiang Shou performing at the annual Akau Mazu’s Cup Divine Guardian and Sacred Officer Competition in Pingtung used for the cover of Taiwan Business Topics. Read about it here:





Dane’efu is excited about the launch

On February 24, Taiwanese people around the world celebrated when Ang Lee, who was born in Taiwan 58 years ago, won a second Best Director Oscar, this time for Life of Pi.

Now, on May 7, 2013, comes a new website introducing the scenery, cultures, history and cuisines of Taiwan. Life of Taiwan ( has more than 150 pages of information about the East Asian island.

Tuntex Skytower (85 Tower), Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Tuntex Skytower (85 Tower), Kaohsiung, Taiwan

“International arrivals have been growing for the past decade, and we think Taiwan’s tourism industry will enjoy a big lift thanks to the success of Life of Pi, which was made right here in Taiwan” said Mark Sinclair, founder and CEO of Formosa Services, the Taiwan-based startup behind Life of Taiwan.

“We’re providing high-end tailor made tours targeting professionals and their families. There is no safer place to travel than Taiwan and as everyone who has been here knows, the Taiwanese are a very special people.”

The website covers everything from Taiwan’s aboriginal tribes and their festivals to the island’s diverse and vibrant religious culture. Gourmands can read about Taiwan’s tastiest foods, while outdoors types will discover that Taiwan has more than enough mountains, rivers and dive sites to keep them busy, plus hot springs where tired muscles can be soaked at the end of a tiring day. And if they’re not already aware of Taiwan’s treasures, birdwatchers and other kinds of ecotourist will find the website’s description of Taiwan’s spectacular natural diversity engrossing.

Chihsi plaque bearers. Kai Lung Temple, Jung Shan Road, Tainan City, Taiwan

Chihsi plaque bearers. Kai Lung Temple, Jung Shan Road, Tainan City, Taiwan

The website is gorgeously illustrated with photos taken by Michelin and Asian Geographic photographer Rich J. Matheson. Rich specializes in images of religious events and Taiwan’s aboriginal groups; his work can be seen at

The text was written by Steven Crook, author of three books about the island – Keeping Up With The War God (2001), Dos and Don’ts in Taiwan (2010) and Taiwan: The Bradt Travel Guide (2010). Steven is currently updating his Bradt guide for publication in spring 2014. Links to many of his published articles can be found at

Sandimen, Pingtung County, Taiwan

These Aboriginal women have just heard the news

For further information feel free to contact us on or call +886 6 2088173.

Taiwan for Culture Vultures Kindle Guide

Get the Taiwan Travel guide from Gecko authored by the prolific and highly respected Taiwan writer, Steven Crook, here:

Taiwan for Culture Vultures Kindle Guide

The cover photo of Zhenzong Art Troupe’s Santaitz and many of the interior photos were taken by me. See more of my covers here.

Taiwan for Culture Vultures  Kindle Edition

Cover Photograph by Photographer Rich Matheson

The Amazon Product Description

Taiwan for Culture Vultures
== Taiwan’s Historical, Religious, Artistic And Architectural Highlights ==

– Why Get This Guide? –

* In-depth descriptions of each sight that include fresh details not mentioned in other English-language write-ups
* Coverage of several new attractions not covered by print guidebooks
* Clear instructions how to reach each sight by car or public transportation
* Chinese script for every sight mentioned in the guide
* Convenient links take you to background information

– Inside This Guide –

* 95 sights including: Taiwan’s best museums; its most ancient and ornate temples; its newest attractions; its quaintest villages; and its most striking landmarks.
* Over 150 photos, including 84 images contributed by Taiwan-based professional photographers Rich Matheson and Craig Ferguson.
* Comprehensive articles on practical subjects such as getting to and getting around Taiwan.
* Background articles on Taiwan’s history, religions, and culture
* A glossary of historical and local terms

– Stylish and Feature-Packed –

* Detailed information on opening hours, prices, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses
* Honest reviews and independent advice
* Inspiring gallery with stunning photos
* Stylish and easy to use

– About the Author –

Steven Crook has visited more than 40 countries, and continues to find Taiwan endlessly fascinating after 20 years living and working on the island. Since 1996, he has had scores of travel and culture features published in Christian Science Monitor, CNN Traveller Asia-Pacific and other newspapers and magazines.

Sacrificial Pigs, God Pigs and Festivals 神豬

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