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Xigang Baotian Gong Temple Festival

Xigang Chingan Temple Jishan Bajiajiang
Xigang Chingan Temple Jishan Bajiajiang

Xigang Chingan Temple Jishan Bajiajiang — 西港玉敕慶安宮駕前吉善堂八家將, Baotian Gong, Temple Renewal, Xigang District, Tainan, Taiwan

On September 19th (this year’s moon festival) Xigang’s newly built Baotian Gong was opened. I spent the day photographing the festivities… Read more at the Taiwan Photographer (more…)


Identifying Jiajiang 家將: General Xie 謝將軍

Bajiajiang 八家將 and Shijiajiang’s 什家將 General Xie 謝將軍(xie jiang jun)

General Xie

Jiajiang 家將 are religious temple parade performance troupe members that may be likened to police officers; they search out demon criminals, arrest, interrogate and punish them. They protect certain — usually underworld — gods like Kitsbargha 地藏王, City God 城隍, King of the Broad Marshes 廣澤尊王, etc. when they go on tour. This series will give some key elements in recognizing the different Jiajiang. Read more…

Faith in Tainan 台南的信仰

Steve McCurry recently posted A Matter of Faith. Steve McCurry needs no introduction for photographers, but for the non-photographer; Steve McCurry is the photojournalist who took the iconic National Geographic  ‘Afghan Girl‘ photo said to be the most recognized Natgeo photograph in history. David Sanger followed with ‘Images of Faith’ where he wrote “if you have your own selections of images please post them on your blog”. Craig Ferguson, a friend and photographer I follow, put me on to this with his own post ‘Of the East’. My photos are all local, except for one from my wife’s village, Namasia, a small Aboriginal village in the mountains. Here they are:

Bajiajiang (Eight Generals), Nankunshen Temple, Tainan. These religious performers, often decline to be photographed when at rest, but this time General Liu was happy to oblige. (more…)