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Xigang Baotian Gong Temple Festival

Xigang Chingan Temple Jishan Bajiajiang
Xigang Chingan Temple Jishan Bajiajiang

Xigang Chingan Temple Jishan Bajiajiang — 西港玉敕慶安宮駕前吉善堂八家將, Baotian Gong, Temple Renewal, Xigang District, Tainan, Taiwan

On September 19th (this year’s moon festival) Xigang’s newly built Baotian Gong was opened. I spent the day photographing the festivities… Read more at the Taiwan Photographer (more…)


The Door God

Have you ever wondered who those door gods are and why they are there? Find some answers here:

Door Gods -- Four Heavenly Kings and Two Great Protectors -- in Kai Yuan Temple's traditional sanchuan gate. From left to right; Guang Mu, Chi Guo , Skanda, Garan, Duo Wen and Zeng Zhang. Kai Yuan Buddhist Monastery, Tainan City, Taiwan

Door Gods

Taiwan Culture Portal – 06 December 2011

Liching — The Pagoda Bearing King (托塔李天王)

I’ve just been posting single pictures recently so I have more time for other things. Sadly this means my site is less informative so here is Liching (李靖), father of Nezha Santaitz (哪吒三太子) with a description of his path to becoming a god copied from my article. The whole article about Santaizi can be read here:

Taiwan Culture Portal – 15 November 2011
© Taiwan Culture Portal

Liching with his pagoda, Qiming Temple, Lotus Pond, Zuoying, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Nezha in ‘Creation of the Gods’ (封神演義 or 封神榜)

These legends endear the reader to Nezha’s mortal stubbornness, conceit and selfishness as it chronicles his trials and tribulations in becoming immortal. He murders, suffers, takes revenge and (more…)

Xiang Zhu (向竹) Magic Bamboo Totem

Wulipu, Jiaxian District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Xiang Zhu 向竹 or “Magic Bamboo” — a Plains Aborigine totem. At the Siaolin Plains Aborigine Night Ceremony I was told the seven rungs of straw attached to the bamboo represent the steps to heaven. I had  previously heard they represent the seven sisters worshiped as Taizu 太祖, a Plains Aboriginal Goddess.

The Jade Emperor and his Incense Censer: Tian Gong Censer (天公爐)

The Jade Emperor is the highest ranking god in Taiwan’s pantheon* but, owing to his exalted position, Jade Emperor temples in Taiwan (more…)

Keeping Up With The War God

Steven Crook , writer of Taiwan’s Bradt Travel Guide and Taiwan Do’s and Dont’s, has revised and republished his first book “Keeping Up With The War God, Taiwan as it seemed to me: 1996-2001″ in Kindle e book format.

The publisher,, writes: (more…)

Sacrificial Pigs, God Pigs and Festivals 神豬

Today, on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year and an auspicious day for sacrifices (more…)