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Liching — The Pagoda Bearing King (托塔李天王)

I’ve just been posting single pictures recently so I have more time for other things. Sadly this means my site is less informative so here is Liching (李靖), father of Nezha Santaitz (哪吒三太子) with a description of his path to becoming a god copied from my article. The whole article about Santaizi can be read here:

Taiwan Culture Portal – 15 November 2011
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Liching with his pagoda, Qiming Temple, Lotus Pond, Zuoying, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Nezha in ‘Creation of the Gods’ (封神演義 or 封神榜)

These legends endear the reader to Nezha’s mortal stubbornness, conceit and selfishness as it chronicles his trials and tribulations in becoming immortal. He murders, suffers, takes revenge and (more…)