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Interview with Reality Abroad — Part Two

Taiwan Aboriginal Dance

Taiwan Aboriginal Dance

I was interviewed by Alan for Reality Abroad, a travel website aimed at helping travelers see a country from an insiders viewpoint. He asks questions about Taiwan and photography. Here is part two. The podcast can be listened to or downloaded at Images of Taiwan-Reality Abroad.


Taiwanese Dancer Photo Shoot

Taiwanese Dancer
Taiwanese Dancer

Taiwanese Dancer leaps in the air for a portrait

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing world-class Taiwanese dancer, teacher and choreographer Billy Chang (張逸軍). We had…

Published on-line Articles

Door Gods 門神

Links to articles and photographs published in on-line magazine;, by editorial and cultural photographer Rich J Matheson.

Door Gods 門神

The highlight of writing this Door Gods article was when I serendipitously stopped at the Chendejyu Shrine (陳聚德堂; in 1693 it was the first ancestral shrine in Taiwan - built in 1664) and the caretaker ushered me inside and into a back room. There, forgotten and leaning against a wall in a dark back room of the temple were these two antique doors. I think they were painted by renowned temple painter Cai Cao Ru (蔡草如), but I need to go back and verify. The article outlines who all the different door gods are, their function and their origins.

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Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage 大甲媽祖繞境 — Xingang’s Fengtian Temple (奉天宮)

Xingang's Fengtian Temple (奉天宮), Kaitai Mazu (Taiwan's first Mazu temple), Chiayi, Taiwan
Xingang's Fengtian Temple (奉天宮), Kaitai Mazu (Taiwan's first Mazu temple), Chiayi, Taiwan

Xingang's Fengtian Temple (奉天宮)

The southernmost portion of the Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage 大甲媽祖繞境 is Xingang’s Fengtian Temple (奉天宮). Mazu devotees walk from Dajia Zhenlan Temple in Taichung, through Changhua County, Yunlin County and into Chiayi County in a…

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The Taiwan Photographer

Ba jia jiang, General Gan

Greetings! You have arrived at the old personal blog of photographer Rich J Matheson. I am no longer posting here. If you are looking for my professional site, please go to The Taiwan Photographer.

Ba jia jiang, General Gan

General Gan is at rest, so is this blog. Please go to my new blog: The Taiwan Photographer

There is a large archive of information about Taiwan here so I am leaving this site public and searchable and will continue to respond to any questions about posts.

Ten Drum Article for Taiwan Today

Click on butterfly or link below for my article on Ten Drum’s new guest house:

Drum group beats new musical direction for Taiwan

The rhythms of nature are incorporated into Ten Drum’s creations. An Idea leuconoe clara at Ten Drum Culture Park. (if you are into butterflies, check out The Daily Bubble) (more…)

Interview with My Several Worlds’ Carrie Kallenberger

Carrie Kellenberger recently interviewed me for My Several Worlds. Beyond being incredibly flattered that anyone would interview me, I also found it to be an interesting introspective into where I have been photographically and where I want to go. The interview can be found here: MSW Interviews: Rich Matheson – Cultural and Editorial Photographer in Taiwan


Me and my Nikon FM2, Kai Yuan Monastery. Tainan. 1991 Photo: Jenny Young