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Podcast Interview with Reality Abroad

I was recently interviewed by Alan for Reality Abroad, a travel website aimed at helping travelers see a country from an insiders viewpoint. He asks questions about Taiwan and photography. The podcast can be listened to or downloaded at Images of Taiwan-Reality Abroad.

Moonworld landscape, Erliao, Tainan, Taiwan

Moonworld landscape reflected in blue pond, Erliao, Tainan, Taiwan


Tainan’s Old Lin Department Store (林百貨)

Tainan’s Old Lin Department Store (林百貨)
Tainan’s Old Lin Department Store (林百貨)

Tainan’s Old Lin Department Store (林百貨)

I was fortunate to get a sneak preview of Hayashi Hyakkaten, commonly called Lin Department Store (林百貨), a Japanese era department store which…

39 Hours or Tainan Film Contestival, Tainan City, Taiwan
39 Hours or Tainan Film Contestival, Tainan City, Taiwan

39 Hours or Tainan Film Contestival, Tainan City, Taiwan

Taiwan Culture Portal – 03 July 2012

Taiwan Photography Exhibit

Taiwan Photography Exhibition: Seven Photographers Five Countries One City

A poster of Photographers with cameras for Tainan Taiwan Photography Exhibit.

From now until the 26th of February, myself and six other photographers are exhibiting some of our photographs at the old Tainan Meeting Hall. The Gallery is newly opened (we are the inaugural event) and is a great space for an exhibit with all the  low arching pillars to hang photographs from with the famous Wu Gardens right out the door.

The show is officially open from 10am to 5pm, but most evenings someone will be keeping the show running later.


臺南市中西區民權路二段30號, Tainan, Taiwan

For more information, check the Facebook page here.

Great God General 神將

Rugby in Tainan

Went out to watch my nephew play rugby for his school team. They played well and I took some snaps of the action.

Landun (孫士庸) with ball (more…)

Man with Fish

The Door God

Have you ever wondered who those door gods are and why they are there? Find some answers here:

Door Gods -- Four Heavenly Kings and Two Great Protectors -- in Kai Yuan Temple's traditional sanchuan gate. From left to right; Guang Mu, Chi Guo , Skanda, Garan, Duo Wen and Zeng Zhang. Kai Yuan Buddhist Monastery, Tainan City, Taiwan

Door Gods

Taiwan Culture Portal – 06 December 2011

Door with Year Drawing — Year of the Rabbit

Called ‘year drawings’ (年畫), these auspicious symbols — such as an animal of the zodiac as seen here — are pasted on household doors on the last day of the lunar year to protect the family and bring luck. Often seen together with spring couplets. These are an evolution of door gods.

Yanshui — In the Beehive.

A barrage of firecrackers and bottle rockets blast participants at the annual Yanshui beehive fireworks festival in Yen Shui Village, Tainan, Taiwan

It’s about the time of year when people are looking for photos of Tainan’s Annual Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival. It is one of my favorite festivals and I’ve (more…)