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Xigang Baotian Gong Temple Festival

Xigang Chingan Temple Jishan Bajiajiang
Xigang Chingan Temple Jishan Bajiajiang

Xigang Chingan Temple Jishan Bajiajiang — 西港玉敕慶安宮駕前吉善堂八家將, Baotian Gong, Temple Renewal, Xigang District, Tainan, Taiwan

On September 19th (this year’s moon festival) Xigang’s newly built Baotian Gong was opened. I spent the day photographing the festivities… Read more at the Taiwan Photographer (more…)



Mariah 陳世旻 (瑪利亞) of Chio-tian Drum Art Troupe (九天民俗技藝團)

Mariah 陳世旻 (瑪利亞) of Chio-tian Drum Art Troupe (九天民俗技藝團)

I have been travelling in Canada with my family for a couple of months and was pleased to find out my photo was used for the cover of Topics Travel and Culture issue. The article, ‘Drumming Their Way to Respect‘, is about Chio-tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe (九天民俗技藝團) — the troupe the Taiwanese movie ‘Dintao: Leader of the Parade‘ was based on.

Mariah 陳世旻 (瑪利亞) of Chio-tian Drum Art Troupe (九天民俗技藝團)

Mariah 陳世旻 (瑪利亞) of Chio-tian Drum Art Troupe (九天民俗技藝團) poses for a photo

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Ox-fight Array / 鬥牛陣

Oxen were traditionally highly valued for their contribution in agricultural Taiwan and most households owned one. Today oxen are becoming increasingly rare as they are usurped by tractors and other modern methods. One place where their legacy can be seen is in the Ox-fight Array. Ox-fight Arrays were traditionally seen at weddings, funerals and the most common by far these days is temple festivals. (more…)

Ten Drum Festival 2011

The 2011 Ten Drum Festival in Tainan and Kaohsiung was an amazing five day performance with five drum troupes from three countries.

Japan’s Maidaiko Aska-Gumi Taiko Drum Group, Ten Drum Culture Village, Tainan

Click on this link to see the article:

Taiwan Culture Portal – 17 March 2011

Spectators are shaded by old Camphor and Autumn Maple trees as they watch Festival in Ten Drum’s new park located in Qiaotou’s sugar refinery, Kaohsiung.

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Guanjiang Shou (Senior Officers) 官將首

Carrie Kellenberger over at My Several Worlds kindly published my article about Guanjiang Shou (sometimes called Senior Officers). If you want to read the article check it out there. Sadly, there was little room for photos so I have posted some here so readers may better understand the features of Guanjiangshou, differences between Jiajiang troupes (家將團), and especially some — often subtle — differences between Bajiajiang and Guanjiang Shou.The easiest ways of differentiating Bajiajiang and Guanjiang Shou is (more…)

Chio-Tian Folk Drums and Arts Group 九天民俗技藝團

I went to the first annual Techno Nezha Dance competition in Xinying, Tainan last lantern festival. For me, the highlight was not the dancing Nezha Great God Parade Generals, but rather watching and meeting some of the award winning Chio-tian Folk Arts Troupe’s performances. (more…)